Why Choose a Midwife

I write this as a believer, a husband, a father and as a human.

Narique Sangster


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The confidence I gained, going from being terrified in early pregnancy to happily completing a natural, intervention and medication-free birth, has been tremendous.

Mary Glenshaw

Age: 39 Epidemiologist

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I am so grateful for their passion and love for their work and the role they played in helping make my hope come true!

Claire Murphy

Age: 37 Full Time Mother

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Women have an incredible gift of giving life that we should revel in instead of taking the so-called easy way out. It is a right of passage into womanhood as well as an important phase for the infant and if we lose the ability to birth naturally we could very well become extinct in the near future if medical means fail us.

Varenka Paschka

Age: 38 Artist

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From the very first time I went to see the midwives at their practice I knew that we made the right decision.

Alena Burrill

Age:31 Full Time Mother

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Your compassion and support during my pregnancies and births not only equipped me to birth my children without complications but awakened within me, an awareness of the importance of a loving, supportive birth team, to the extent that I was inspired to obtain my qualifications as a Doula - so that I could offer the same to other laboring woman.

Chantal van der Merwe

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The Birth Options Midwives came highly recommended by various friends and family and I knew that in their care I would have the best chance of having the natural birth I wished for.

Lydia Fehrsen

Age: 36 Pediatric Physiotherapist

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"Happy", "empowered", "safe" and "relaxed" are only some of the words that describe our experience when you helped us welcoming our baby boy to this world

Cecile and Robert

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Highly professional, supportive, honest, caring, intuitive and very experienced. You will at all times be in safe hands.

Suzanne Riley

Age: 36 Osteopath

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