Varenka Paschke

I chose to birth with midwives in order to make sure that I got the best chance of birthing in the most natural way possible with medical back up should it be needed. I also wanted to give birth at home as being pregnant and giving birth is not an illness nor is it a medical condition. It is as natural as being in any other state of healthy being.

I knew that worldwide but specifically in SA there is a 70% Caesarean rate (while many of these are elective, many women get pushed into caesareans for the convenience of their gynaecologists’ schedules). This is an alarming rate as it changes many very important natural elements in the human psyche as a whole. What alarms me most is that it is already commonly accepted as the norm and this happened in a generation or two.

Women have an incredible gift of giving life that we should revel in instead of taking the so-called easy way out. It is a right of passage into womanhood as well as an important phase for the infant and if we lose the ability to birth naturally we could very well become extinct in the near future if medical means fail us.

Hope my birthing story will inspire more people to give birth the way we are supposed to.