Suzanne Riley

To all considering a natural birth I can highly recommend Birth Options.  They are the perfect team from the very beginning of your pregnancy to the very end and there after.

Highly professional, supportive, honest, caring, intuitive and very experienced.  You will at all times be in safe hands.  They also will work with only pro-natural birth Obstetricians which is very reassuring.

I have just had my second baby with the Birth Options midwives and both times it was everything I dreamed it would be: calm, drug-free and safe.  I had a water birth in hospital for my second baby and she was born so peacefully it was beautiful.  My first baby came out asleep, honestly! It was amazing.

Giving birth naturally was the most amazing, empowering, proudest, special moment of my life.  I highly recommend it.  Don’t be put off by all the scare stories out there.  Do it the natural way and you will have a much more relaxing birth, heal faster and your baby will be much calmer too.

I can also highly recommend the Hypnobirthing course they run there,  Incredible babies clinic and the Mommy’s teas, everything you will need all under one roof.