Lydia Fehrsen

What a blessing to have birthed both our babies with the loving care and support of the Birth Options midwives! I wanted to give birth in a hospital, but the idea of not knowing the midwife staff that happens to be on duty on the day, or a gynae who only arrives on the last minute did not appeal to me.

The Birth Options Midwives came highly recommended by various friends and family and I knew that in their care I would have the best chance of having the natural birth I wished for. Over the course of my antenatal visits it was great to get to know Ciska, Glynnis & Andy. They normalised pregnancy and birth for me, and always had time and answers for my lists of questions. In doing so, I felt heard and understood, and I had peace that I could trust them 100%. One of the special memories of my first birth is arriving at Vincent Pallotti Hospital, being greeted by Ciska at the maternity ward’s entrance with a big hug and her saying “This is so exciting!” Both her and Glynnis (with my 2nd birth) ensured a calm atmosphere during the labour and birth, guiding and supporting us through the whole process. And they know just how to rub your lower back during those contractions! How special to also have my girls placed straight on my chest after their births! This is just an example of things the midwives do instinctively, rather than you having to ask or “fight” for it. However, my fondest memory, is of having a bath with my girls – the time given us to just be together, my girls looking up at me with their bright newborn eyes, soaking me in, and me them each in turn too – I’ll treasure these special moments forever!

Another bonus of the Birth Options midwife care is that it continues after the birth, with follow up visits at home, sms’s or phone calls in between and a 6 week follow up. Their personal touch has helped my birth experiences be unique and beautiful – Thank you Glynnis and Ciska!!