Chantal van der Merwe

Thank you Ciska and Susan for believing in me
One of the best decisions we made, 6 years ago was to embrace the invaluable services of a Midwife.
From the very first time I walked into your rooms in May 2007, (1.5m “short”& 38kg’s) expecting my first baby and planning a home birth, you made be believe that I could have just that.
You respected my decision and believe that I could birth naturally and in the comfort of my home (despite being so tiny) and assisted and encouraged me whole-heartedly.
On the 17th Dec 2007, after a very painful, drawn out yet empowering experience,
Aidan Jonathan was born, weighing a healthy 3.3kg’s.

Your compassion and support during my pregnancies and births not only equipped me to birth my children without complications but awakened within me, an awareness of the importance of a loving, supportive birth team, to the extent that I was inspired to obtain my qualifications as a Doula (2012)~ so that I could offer the same to other labouring woman.