Cecile and Robert

“Happy”, “empowered”, “safe” and “relaxed” are only some of the words that describe our experience when you helped us welcoming our baby boy to this world at 00h10 on 15 October 2013.

Coming from Belgium, I was so nervous to give birth in South Africa and to end up in the C-section statistics! I initially did not know who to turn to and saw two obstetricians before finding out about Birth Options rather late in my pregnancy.

As we went 10 days past the due date, you remained calm and supportive and suggested I should maybe go for a massage. It turned out to be just perfect to get labour started. The birth took place at VP hospital, but we were in our own little bubble! We had music, candles and essential oils. We chatted and you made me feel relaxed. I was happy to try the bath, to walk and finally to use the birthing chair.

Even as I am writing this testimonial, I re-experience the feeling of near disbelief at your wholehearted focus, care and commitment throughout the labour, the birth and everything else after. Giving birth to Maxime surrounded by your calm and confident support was a blessing!

Maxime came into the world softly and calmly, welcomed by your expert hands. It was truly amazing and I will always be grateful to you for this wonderful experience.

Thank you for your encouraging words, your confident expertise, your calm support and the lovely atmosphere you created around us. We felt surrounded by the best team!