Alena Burrill

We chose to birth with the Birth Options Midwifery Team because we where looking for an alternative to the standard procedure in the hospital. From the very first time I went to see the midwives at their practice I knew that we made the right decision. They have a rotation system and I met all of them during my prenatal checkups. All of them are wonderful! They make you feel very welcome and the atmosphere at Birth Options is extremely positive and relaxed. It felt so good to be in professional hands and with women who take their time for you. We decided on giving birth with the midwives in the Vincent Pallotti Hospital and felt very good about it. All the midwifes, Glynnis, Ciska, Sue and Juliet have an incredible passion for their job.

Since the very moment that we knew that I was pregnant it was clear for us that we wanted to have an active natural birth. That was the idea we had in mind and the plan we wanted to stick to. We kept in mind what we learned and heard about c-sections, epidurals and and other medical interferences and decided that we only wanted to use them in case of complications. But it turned out that we didn’t even had to think about these options during labour with the midwifes next to our sides.

They made a truly intimate awesome birth possible that every woman deserves to have. We are so impressed by their job and how they stay up all night to be there for you and support you in these overwhelming and exiting hours without looking tired once.

It was the most incredible experience Daniel and me went through together ever and the connection between the two of us got even stronger.

If we have a second child, we will definitely be back.