How We Work

  • Exploring your options

    If you are not sure whether to book a Midwife or an Obstetrician as your primary care-giver, you may want to have a pre-booking information session with one of the team to discuss the possibilities. The earlier in your pregnancy this happens the better, so that you have time to make a good, informed choice (i.e. 8 – 10 weeks) . This will give you useful, concrete and professional information., including about antenatal screening tests .

    We limit the number of bookings we take on for each month , your place with us is only confirmed once you have made a booking appointment.


     Booking with Birth Options:


    The Birth Options booking appointment is usually at 16 weeks , or as soon as you have decided on having your care with the Birth Options Team.

    The usual pattern of follow up appointments are at : 24 , 28 , 32, 34 , and then weekly from 36 weeks until you birth.

    Our aim is that you meet each of our team of midwives during your pregnancy so that you have someone familiar with you during labour and birth.

    Your support team and children are welcome to join us at your antenatal visits.

    We are committed to providing evidence-based care where possible. We also want to enable researchers to develop the evidence base, and so from time to time, we are approached by researchers who are interested in aspects of midwifery practice. If we feel the research has potential to improve the care of mothers and babies, you may be asked if you would like to participate in a study and you will be given full information about  about this. If you would prefer not to, rest assured that this will not adversely impact your care in any way.”


  • Labour and Birth

    Place of birth:

    Hospital births can take place at Melomed Tokai Hospital only – as this is where our back up Obstetricians are based.

    We also support home births within a certain geographical radius with medical back up via Melomed Tokai or your local Government maternity Hospital ( e.g. Mowbray Maternity)

    When you are in labour the ‘on call’ midwife will attend to you. If your labour happens to require a shift change, you can be rest assured that we all work in a like-minded way and our team approach prevents a situation arising that your midwife needs to be on duty for more than 24-36 hours.

    If you are choosing a home birth, an assistant will arrive close to the time of birth to help the ‘on call’ midwife.

    Every woman will receive safe and thorough care, regardless of the setting she chooses to birth in.

  • Post Natal

    If you have birthed in hospital you may choose to stay another night or go home sooner. In any event we will schedule a home visit to ensure that you are managing your newborn and that breastfeeding is establishing as it should. You also have an option to have a follow up post natal check at our rooms on day 7.

    We provide a 6 week post natal check as part of our Global Maternity fee. This would be a good time to discuss any insights you have had about your birth experience and to assess how you feel you are adjusting to motherhood.