Antenatal Add On: Journeying Into Fatherhood

Being a father is one of the most exciting, rewarding and challenging things with which we can be blessed in life.

How ready are we for this new role, which invariably entails a shift in the relationship with our partner and discovering new and known dimensions of ourselves as men? What expectations and fears do we have about the birthing process and about fathering? How do the demands of fathering change as our children grow and develop? How will our relationship with our own father influence the way in which we father?

What inner knowledge and experiences do we have about fathering that can help us navigate our way into these new roles? What resources and support can we draw upon – from our family, friends, one another and the wider world –

Facilitator: Roni Simons

Roni has a passion for men’s work and fathering and a deep interest in the role that this plays in the development of children and families. He has participated in the Mankind Project (MKP), has worked in partnership with Hearts of Men and has been involved in Coming of Age camps for male youth in grade 10 at Michael Oak Waldorf School. He currently runs fatherhood courses for expectant and newly-become fathers. His greatest passion and motivation for running these courses comes from being a father of four children (two daughters and two sons, currently ranging from 16 – 24 years of age) and experiencing, with his partner, the wonders, joys and challenges of the birthing process with each one of them and supporting them as they unfold into magnificent children and adults. Roni has a M. Phil from UCT and extensive experience in the fields of education and development, where he has used a variety of methods to facilitate group reflection and learning and to support and mentor groups and individuals.

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