Birth Options Antenatal Course

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 22 October 2019 - 5 December 2019 14th Jan - 27th Feb 2020 10th March - 30th April 2020 26th March 2020 - 21st May 2020 (run by Louette van Kraayenburg) 14th July - 25th August 2020

If the dates you’d like to attend the course are full, feel free to find another antenatal class in your area by using our directory

Although there is a lot of information available on the internet, nothing can replace face-to-face interaction with a group of couples who are in the same life phase of impending parenthood.

The ideal time to start a course is at about 28 – 30 weeks.

This seven week course is facilitated by midwives who are actively involved with pregnancy and birth. It is open not only to the clients of Birth Options, but to any couples who want to be able to make informed decisions about their births.

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Antenatal class dates: As I am a midwife still actively involved in birthing, my classes are held either on a Tuesday or a Thursday evening depending on how my “on call” rotation unfolds.
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Fee: R1800 per couple per 7 week course
Venue: 12 Victoria Rd, Plumstead (Birth Options Rooms)
Trainer: Sr. Susan Lees (Medical Aid practice number 8818096)

Overview of the course:

1. Introduction

  • Important aspects of antenatal care
  • A quick revision of some basic anatomy and physiology and why it is important to be upright and active in labour

2. Signs of labour

  • Stages of labour
  • Birth plans

3. Pain relief

  • What affects your ability to cope with pain
  • What pain relief is available and what is effective

4. Complications – what happens when your labour takes an unexpected turn

  • How to move to Plan B and still salvage your birth plan

5. Breastfeeding – the challenges and the rewards

6. Post Natal

  • Coping immediately after the birth – transition into parenthood – how your life will change
  • How to recognise and treat post natal depression and anxiety

7. Fatherhood Session for the Expectant dads

Being a father is one of the most exciting and rewarding challenges with which we can be blessed in life. How ready are you for this new role, which invariably entails a shift in the relationship with your partner and draws from your own experiences of being fathered?

In this session we will explore:

  •  what changes you need to prepare yourself for in your relationship with your partner (big changes can and do happen!)
  •  your relationship with your own father (and other male mentors) and what you have learnt from them and can use in your own fathering.

The session will provide a safe space where expectant fathers can openly explore and share ideas and experiences and provide support for one another.

Roni Simons
Facilitator for Session 7

Roni has a passion for men’s work and fathering and a deep interest in the role that this plays in the development of children and families. He has participated in the Mankind Project (MKP), has worked in partnership with Hearts of Men and has been involved in Coming of Age camps for male youth in grade 10 at Michael Oak Waldorf School. He currently runs fatherhood courses for expectant and newly-become fathers. His greatest passion and motivation for running these courses comes from being a father of four children (two daughters and two sons, currently ranging from 16 – 24 years of age) and experiencing, with his partner, the wonders, joys and challenges of the birthing process with each one of them and supporting them as they unfold into magnificent children and adults. Roni has a M. Phil from UCT and extensive experience in the fields of education and development, where he has used a variety of methods to facilitate group reflection and learning and to support and mentor groups and individuals.


Antenatal Classes are also available in Fish Hoek with Midwife Angela Wakeford and The Birth Hub team: 



“We learned a lot and feel more prepared for the inevitable twists and turns that labour will present us with a few weeks time.”

– Anneline and Brad

“I feel more comfortable about the whole birthing process and am now confident that everything is going to be just fine”

– Hannah, Alex and Adam

“I really feel that many couples go on this information overload drive during their first pregnancies only to find themselves confused and doubtful of their own capabilities when the baby finally arrives. But your course was very useful, good value for money and we are glad we attended.”

– Rachel

“I found the classes very interesting and informative, and will urge any prospective parent to attend.”

– Anna