About Us

We are a group of four Registered Nurse/Midwives, all having completed rigorous training at major academic hospitals. The time spent at these institutions enabled us to gain the much needed experience that equips us to recognise and deal with the unexpected complications that present themselves occasionally in low risk mothers. We are all committed to keeping ourselves up to date with current research, and are open to embracing new ways of thinking that enhance the overall birth experience for women.

We are located in a beautiful Victorian house in Plumstead in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

We provide antenatal care; facilitate birth in hospital or at home and do post natal home care.

We are backed by a team of trusted obstetricians who are based at Melomed Tokai Hospital. These doctors are supportive of providing woman with the option of using a midwife as their primary care giver and are available to offer their expertise at any point that a problem is identified from pregnancy through to post natal.

We offer six week antenatal courses and add-on courses (Relax Into Birth and Journeying Into Fatherhood) for expectant parents, usually starting around 28 weeks of pregnancy. These courses will help you to understand your pregnancy, prepare for labour and birth and look forward to life with your new baby. They are also a great way to connect with other people in the same boat and often long-term friendships develop from these courses.